12 Must Haves for the Gym

The time to perfect our summer beach bodies is among us.  Here are a few things to remember when hitting the gym!

1.) Sports Bra

Sports bras are a staple for any girl who works out – it keeps the girls in check.  Who really wants them bouncing around and causing you distractions?  Sports bras provided more support than normal bras, and they’re much more comfortable too!  Though they may not be the most stylish piece of clothing, you can get them in all sorts of cool colors and prints to spice up your outfit and give you an extra boost of confidence.



via www.wiggle.com

2.) Shirts/Tanks that wick sweat

Shirts or tanks with wicking technology are good buys for the gym.  These shirts wick the sweat away from your skin so you don’t feel wet and uncomfortable at the gym.  Just because you had a good workout doesn’t mean everyone needs to see it in the form of sweat spots.



via www.roadrunnersports.com

3.) Fitted Capris

Fitted capris are just right for working out in mild weather or inside.  They keep your muscles warm when you’re stationary, and because they’re fitted they won’t get in the way or catch on anything while you’re working out.  Plus, they show off the results of all those squats you’ve been doing!


via fitnessfashions.com

4.) Shorts

Shorts are good for working out in warm weather or if your body warms up quickly.  For some people, having exposed legs can keep you exponentially cooler when working out.


via www.timhinton.com

5.) Light Jacket/Sweatshirt

Another good buy for working out in mild weather.  A jacket will keep you warm, but not overheat you when working out.  It also protects you from harsh winds hat you can experience, especially as we’re entering spring (finally)!


via adventureblog.nationalgeographic.com

6.) Socks

Socks are a necessity for working out.  Weather you chose crew cut, low cut, or no show, ALWAYS wear them!  Not only do they protect your sneakers from sweat produced by your feet (yuck), but they also prevent painful blisters from forming because of chafing.


via www.academy.com

7.) Sneakers

Having the appropriate type of sneakers is MOST important when it comes to working out.  Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can lead you or others to injuries.  A good running sneaker will normally suffice for most kinds of training, but it’s always best to double-check with specialists at your local sporting goods store.


via insider.nike.com

8.) Yoga Mat

Even if you don’t do yoga, investing in a yoga mat can be helpful.  Before working out, it’s essential to stretch, so a yoga mat can come in hand to give you a soft surface to sit on.  This also goes for doing abdominal workouts – no one likes their hipbones digging into the ground!


via www.mindbodygreen.com

9.) Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a mandatory part of working out, so naturally having a water bottle is important!  Buying one that you know is yours can be helpful so you won’t accidentally grab another person’s Poland Spring bottle.  When looking for one, try to get a PBA Free one so you don’t subject yourself to the toxins in the plastic.


via www.emercedesbenz.com

10.) Headband

Intense workouts can cause your hair to get messy and fall into your face.  Simple solution – make sure to wear a headband!


via mechanicalescape.blogspot.com

11.) iPod/MP3 Player

Most people like listening to music to keep them motivated at the gym.  If this applies to you, make sure to bring your iPod or MP3 player!  Some MP3 players and most iPods are wireless so you wont have to worry about your headphone cords getting in the way!


via http://www.dailytech.com

12.) Small Duffle Bag/Tote

A gym bag can be a helpful accessory.  If you’re at school like us and have to walk a few blocks to the gym, wearing sneakers that are breathable means the cold air will get to your toes and they’ll be numb by the time you get there!  Having a place to keep an extra pair of shoes, your ID, water, and any extra clothes you may want to bring is never a bad thing!



via www.academy.com 


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