About Us + The Blog

Two urban college girls sharing our beauty regimens, lifestyle ideas, and fashion advice with our peers.



I’m a girl from Philadelphia with an obession for traveling, clothes, and makeup. I love my city and found myself having to stay here for college. I want to share my experiences, style, and makeup tips with all of you and welcome you into the world of the real Urban Collegian Aristocrat.



Jersey girl forever – I like to wear flip flops all year long, basically live at the beach in the summer, and don’t pump my own gas.  Lover of all dogs, fashion, and useful (but inexpensive) beauty techniques.  I’m a broadcast journalism major at Temple University – a suburban girl living in the city for the first time, and loving every second of it.


The Blog

This blog is your go to for advice when it comes to fashion, beauty tips, and typical lifestyle woes for any girl or college student.  This blog will be a compilation of things we love, things we hate, how to keep your head in the game with all the outside distractions you’ll undoubtedly come by, and scenarios/people/dilemmas that any person may encounter throughout their college experience, and how to handle them!


This is a person blog, and though we may feature products, we are not being sponsored or receiving any monetary compensation to do so.  Our views and opinions that we express on the blog are solely our own and not influenced by outside sources.

This blog does not contain any material that would present a conflict in interest.


Feel free to contact us with any opinions, ideas, or concerns at urbancollegianartistocrat@gmail.com.


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